I wrote a book

Even though I have already published three books of my own and two as a co-author, this one is going to be unlike anything I have written before. This book is for people who have a connection or a relationship of any kind with an addict. It is about how I survived it, how I live with it, and how you can do that, too. It is a book about addiction – for the loved ones of the addicted.

I want it to be as valuable and useful as it can be. It is going to be in book stores very soon, which hopefully also means that you will be reading it soon as well. My book will help you feel as though you are not alone, even though you might have been thinking otherwise until now.
I hope this book about my story, based on my professional practice and scientific proof will be what you turn to when you need help:

  • It is a guide for those who still live with an addicted person and are constantly covering up for their mom, daughter, sister, dad, husband or grandpa.
  • It is a step in the right direction for those who work with an addicted person, for those who keep covering for your friend who “caught a cold again” or for whatever reason, for the 10th time this month, they cannot make it to work again.
  • It is a bridge for YOU. If you already had a drink today, it is time to find out how to put an end to this madness. You reaching out for help means you can’t drink anymore, but you also can’t not drink anymore and that is a devastating conflict to live with – hating not only mornings like these, but also yourself. When you read this, you might be able to finally see what the ones around you are feeling; the ones that seem like they have nothing to do with this, but have been living with your disease for years.

The book has been read, approved and appreciated by professional therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists and toxicologists. It was not an easy book to write. For that reason, reading it will not be easy either. This is why I have made it my goal to make it be just as interesting, as it will be useful and valuable, as I can. It will be published because we believe in it being able to provide help and guidance in the complex journey of recovery to thousands of people.

However, we are still in the process of creating it and we are grateful for any and all suggestions and ways to make it better. If you think the book could use any information, illustrations, photos, and are able to provide that, we are open and willing to pay additional team members for their work and help in making the book even better. The help can of course come from both physical and juridical persons.