You don’t want to feel intoxicated by wine
You want to feel immersed in love
Addiction –

harmful consumption of psychotropic substances and:

  • lack of awareness of the negative consequences.
  • constant mind occupation filled with dark thoughts.
  • lack of control of the amount of alcohol consumed.

Why this benefits you:

  • Together we will create a recovery plan.
  • Together we will work with other experts in the field.
  • Together we will be keeping track of your progress.
  • Together we will observe your hard days.
  • Together we will learn to understand relapses.
  • Together we will learn to manage them.
  • Together we will understand what you are truly missing.
  • Together we will get to know the reasons behind your consumption.
  • Together we will find concrete, science based ways to get back to your true self.
  • Together we will create your own personal safe and respectful way to recovery.

All addictions have to do with destruction.

It is a chronic illness that progresses with time – without being controlled it inevitably leads to death.

Your bottles are consuming you, and there is less of you left everyday.

You can ignore the illness, but the illness will not ignore you.