Take a seat, make some tea and calmly ask yourself some questions:
“Where am I in all of this?” / “Where did I go?” / “Where is… me?”
Addiction is a disease affecting the whole family: They’re drinking, but I am just as sick
What is a co addicted person?
A person who:
  • Is married / in a partnership with a harmfully consuming or addicted person.
  • Has parents, guardians, grandparents who are sick with addiction.
  • Has been / still is a part of an emotionally unstable / dysfunctional family.

A person addicted to psychotropic substances develops a pathological need to consume. In the mean time, their loved ones develop a tendency to:

  • help, rescue,
  • avoid conflicts,
  • deny their own needs,
  • be afraid of change,
  • hide and lie,
  • get caught up in dark thoughts and have low self esteem,
  • take responsibility for the shame and guilt that is not their own,
  • not be able to form healthy relationships, get overly attached or constantly push people away,
  • often experience uncalled for crises in personal relationships or business settings.