I will be there for you for as long as you need, as much as you need:

  • For the harmfully consuming - guidance to recovery.
  • For the loved ones affected - second hand effect evaluation.
  • For both - help and guidance to mental, emotional and physical recovery.
  • Research based solutions and recovery plans.
  • A new perspective towards relationships and responsibilities.
  • Individual and group work based on preference.
  • Face to face in Vilnius and online consultations anywhere in the world.

Is this really
“not about me”?

Why did this happen?

Today, you might not care to learn about the treatments of alcohol addiction (alcoholism). rehabilitation, addiction therapy, alcoholics anonymous, the process of addiction, relapses, seminars on addiction, the effect of alcohol on health, how and where addicted people are treated, who to reach out to about addiction treatment, what is a safe or regular amount to consume, the differences between the addiction in women and men, and maybe even sobriety.

However, what you do care about today is probably the following phrases: “they’re drinking, consuming, vodka, beer, wine, alcohol problems, help for the addicted, help for the ones who love an addict, help for the family, sobriety”. That is your biggest pain and concern at the moment. I understand you. There is not one person in the world who would wish this disease upon themselves or anyone they know, let alone choose to have it. It just happens. It happened to you, and it is now time to stop feeling ashamed about it and reach out for help. I have not seen a single person who got better by trying to fix it themselves.

Here, you will learn whether addiction is curable or inherited, whether it is still manageable and whether there still is a chance for you to leave this dark place with minimal damage. Reach out for help and receive it. The pain of a drinking/ consuming woman or man is felt by everyone around them. That is at least 6-9 wounded hearts around them. Addiction is a family disease with both direct and indirect consequences. It is a chronic illness that progresses with time, which means that if you do not change anything – it will be fatal. I invite you to get back to yourself and start living a sober life. That is a new, fresh, right and free life.

Loved ones can only help in specific and informed ways. Everything you did until now, did it really help?

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