Where you see no hope, I see the need for help.
Where you see lack of control, I see a disorder/ disease.
Let’s have a conversation, let me be there for you.

Addiction counsellor

Gabija Vitkevičiūtė
+370 618 58833

REBIRTH – a cycle of sessions based on science, research and experiences.
  1. Roles (how families adapt to toxic environments, how adults are affected by living through their childhood in an environment of addiction)
  2. Edge (why have I become someone I am not)
  3. Byplay (and why it is significantly different from control and concern/care)
  4. Intoxication(of everyone around)  (how to communicate when communication seems impossible; the games of manipulation, constant hide&seek)
  5. Radar (emotional and physical relapses, “clean, but not sober”, the HALT model)
  6. Treatment (what is rehabilitation and how to finally lead your loved one to treatment)
  7. Harmony (the rewards of acknowledgement, honesty and expression of feelings)

Lithuanian group will start in Apri.
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